A combination of the two hottest selling blends at Bolt Coffee, Three Amigos and Blue.

As we know The classic North American trio of Three amigos Colombia/Brazil and Peru provide the reliable base body and initial profile of Mojo.  But there is something very special about PNG coffee. Also in this blend is the Sumatran Blue Batak, which is grown in the Lington growing region, in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The Sumatrans have an unorthodox wet hulling method, which adds a blueish green hue colour to the unroasted bean.  For some reason it is truly exceptional in milk. It can be more so a dark fruit rather than a light one such as peach or pear.  It’s sparkier and berry like.  As we know PNG coffee has a fruity or merlot/shiraz like wine flavor, which excites the palate and adds that something special to coffee blends. ... Witha balanced acidity.. And the addition of the Three Amigos lovely chocolate nuts, and buttery finish you achieve something resembling chocolate fruit/grape and nut.  Which was the plan all along really.

 (Note) Also makes for quite a nice bright kickedespresso.

 Lost YOUR mojo? …That’s OK at least you can buy a bag of it.



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